Friday, February 19, 2016

Super Soup

Our college food (ramen noodles) that we made was amazingly delicious and nutritious. We made it by cutting up different vegetables and putting them into the amazing soup to make it satisfying nutritious with all those veggies. After we put all the food in we let the water heat up until it was a burn your hand hot. then after that we put the pot on the table and in joy ate the soup happily, because, you know it's delicious and nutritious. What we could have done better was have Kylie done more cleaning.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Egg-splosive Egg Functions

While we were making a delicious and nutritious chocolate cream pie we used this magical food called eggs, and egg whites. While making the meringue we would viciously beat the egg whites trapping air bubbles and giving it the puffiness. The egg whites acts as a leavening agent to help the product rise and the proteins help the merengue stay together. We also used the egg-selent powers of the unborn egg (yolk), the yolk was used to combine the mixture together and thicken the mixture. To make the filling thick and stay together more we put it in the oven because the heat causes eggs to coagulat. Eggs are egg-stravagant to use because it makes the pie taste egg-salent  and while you are beating the eggs you will get a egg-strteme eggs-ercise, he he do you get my yolk.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Outstanding Omelets

During our lab we made omelets that was delicious and nutritious because the eggs that we cooked was high  in protein. the way we cooked them was we cracked 2 eggs into one bowl, 2 tps of water and 1 tps of margarine. While we cooked them we "dug a hole and filled it up" which made the omelet tasted awesome and when we were done we put the cheese on one half of the omelet then folded it over and flipped it onto the plate. Some of the eggs were a little undercooked but overall tasted and was delicious and nutritious.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

smoothie mahan

During the Smoothie lab, I made a tropical smoothie with blueberries berries, raspberries, strawberry yogurt, and pineapple juice. To help make the smoothie, I put the yogurt in, and dried all of the dishes. I really liked the smoothie, because it tasted good. Next time I would remember to put ice in. My clean up job was washing and drying all of the dishes and I did a good job because I did all of the dishes in under 2 minutes.

the recipe we made used blueberries berries, raspberries, strawberry yogurt, and pineapple juice to make our smoothie. It reminded me of Hawaii because of all the fruits. If I could I would put in more fruit to make it more fruitified. I believe that we did a good job on clean up because we did it fast and the dishes were all clean. I think we did a good job on this because we did not die the next morning.

Friday, September 11, 2015

A problem most backpackers might have would be with their tents. It just stinks to go on a backpacking trip and bring a giant tent that is heavy and doesn't even work very well if you want everything to be put into a small bag. This tent called REI Passage 1 Tent is made for being a light weight (4 lbs)  tent that can roll up into a small compact bag ideal for backpacking. the height  of the tent is 36 inches or 3 feet, and the floor dimensions are 90 by 36 inches or 7.5 by 3 feet. The bottom of the tent is a coated nylon taffeta forming into a bathtub bottom so water son't get in and with the tent it includes a rain fly that goes around the the tent facing down and includes a door on the rain fly.SAGE/PLATINUM

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lord Of The Flies the beginning

My book that I started to read was called Lord of the flies by William Golding and the reason I chose this novel was because I like book that involve people fighting to survive in harsh conditions because every moment of the book is either a cliffhanger or has some action.In the beginning of the book it starts off with one of the kids walking around after the crash just looking around to see where they were. After he walks around he finds a boy that got nicknamed Piggy because of his chubby appearance. When they were were walking around the beach they find a conch shell and blow it to call all of the other kids and make the first "meeting". When they called the meeting they decided to make some rules and find out who the leader should be which ends up to be the person who looks like he would be a wrestler and is stronger.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Technology is Going To Kill Us

Technology is Going to Kill Us
by Patrick Reichmuth

When I say technology, you might think of computers and iphones and how they can help make life easier, right? These things can be helpful in our lives, but also have bad consequences. The average kid today might play on a computer every chance he or she gets. This is bad for kids because it causes less interaction with other kids. It can also be bad for their health and studies show that kids who play violent video games are more likely to be aggressive towards other people.

Technology can be bad because with all of the video game playing and web surfing kids do, they lose out on time they could be interacting with friends and family. Figure 1 represents what percentage for kids play on the computer and watch T.V. for both genders. The chart shows a high percentage of kids on the computer or T.V. instead of spending time outside and playing. Also, for kids video games and computers can reduce their attention span and makes kids easily distracted from what they’re supposed to be doing.

Before Iphones and video games were around, kids played outside and they were able to interact with other people. A study shows that kids in 1963 spent way more time outside than the kids in 2007 (when the Iphone's started coming out), by 45% (CNN). In another study they showed that the percentages of kids playing outside has significantly dropped and seems to be going down with more advanced technology and games coming out resulting in an increase in obesity (Kids Stay Indoors: What Happened to, 'Go Outside and Play'?). A fact that isn't that surprising says that with the more video games coming out, the weaker kids get and that what some kids today find challenging or difficult like farming or physical work that kids from the 1970s found simple and easy to do. This is just adding to the over 73 million people in America are obese ( that's ⅓ of America!). If you liked the movie Wall-e, then live a little longer and we will be able to make technology to do everything for us and will never have to move again.

Technology can also cause some physical injuries like 2nd degree burns from radiation coming from computers. It can also increase acne on your face from putting the dirty phone screen to your face (The 19 Worst Tech-Related Health Risks). Another side effect from technology is that listening to headphones too loud can cause hearing loss. Another side effect of technology is an increase in distraction. Nine people die and more than 1,153 are injured every day from texting while driving. You can also get lots of headaches and strained and blurred vision from staring at a screen for too long (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention). Technology can also affect you mentally. For example, it increases the feeling of loneliness and depression. I could go on and on about the possible side effects of technology, but there are too many to list.

Video games can also cause aggressiveness in kids. In the U.S., 90% of kids play video games between the ages of 8 and 16. A study has shown that kids who played violent video games were more violent in real life than the ones who didn’t within a 2 month period. Also, violent video games are teaching kids that killing and hurting people is good. Furthermore, violent video games causes kids to feel pleasure and happiness when hurting other people. The table below is saying that all of these juveniles that went to the youth detention center have played violent video games before (The Juvenile Crime Challenge: Making Prevention a Priority).

Video games are becoming even more gruesome and interactive causing kids to be even more aggressive. Some of the top played games that are violent are Grand Theft Auto 5, Watch Dogs, The Evil Within, and Assassins Creed. All of those games are very violent it could cause an increase in bullying. In the future, do you really want kids to be playing games where you rip peoples head off for fun then bully kids at school or gang up on people and mug them thinking its ok? Also, parents have been letting their kids play violent video games at younger ages each year.

Some people say technology, like video games can help with the cognitive processes in the brain. They say that it can help with participation, attention, memory, and decision making (Cognitive Benefits Of Playing Video Games). These facts can be argued because studies show that when kids play too much video games they get shorter attention spans. A study by Stanford University found that music has been proven to make people pay attention more (Music Moves Brain to Pay Attention, Stanford Study Finds). In the study they found out that you use more parts of your brain just sitting around and listening to music rather than playing a videogame.

People also claim technology is good because you can keep  in better touch with people and not forget about them.  However, social media can cause cyber-bullying which could cause more depression. Also social media creates false relationships that are meaningless for people which leads to them drifting away from their real friends (Download PDFs). In addition, it creates an easier way for predators to find kids and kidnap them making it dangerous for kids who don’t know how to use social media safely. People might say that they put “You must be 18 years or older to enter this social media site…”, but no one ever listens to those warnings and there are kids about 8 years old or less on sites like Facebook posting where they live and all of their personal information. Furthermore, privacy has no meaning in the social media because everything you post stays there and doesn't go away along with everything you look at and search. An example to having no privacy is that if you search up how to get rid of a cold on Google, then Google will start sending you cold medicines or advertisements for the medicines on the sites you visited.

In conclusion, I think that technology can be harmful. Technology can be useful and you can research with it and scientist use it to find cures to deadly diseases and that's good. However, we rely on technology too much and that phones and computers are used excessively. Kids don’t spend enough time outside and lose time with real people. Technology can also cause injuries like 2nd degree burns, eye damage, headaches, and hearing loss from headphones and earbuds. Violent video games can cause aggression and bullying because the video games teach you that violence and hurting other people is ok and you can do it whenever you want. Finally, parents should closely watch and restrict their kids from using too much T.V. and playing too many violent video games.

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